Arrrrrgh days (Mondays) are the most difficult transition for most of us. We just had two glorious days off doing stuff we chose to do. Now we are back at work and doing stuff other people are telling us to do. Here are 16 tips that can help you rid yourself of the blues.

According to psychologist Shawn Achor’s, happiness inspires productivity, thus contributing to our everyday work. While there may be no shortcuts to acquire the much-desired emotional state, it’s comforting to know that our beloved brain is able to re-wire itself. Scientists call this ability neuroplasticity, and it is something we can utilise in order to change even our Monday morning moods, perhaps for good.


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Achor lists 5 activities that contribute to creating lasting positive change:

1. Gratitude




5.Random acts of kindness


 Get to bed on time on Sunday night.

You spend the weekend staying up late and sleeping in. On Sunday, make it a point to go to bed on your work schedule night. If you do not get enough sleep, the Monday morning blues are going to be hard to avoid.


 Plan ahead.

Take a little time first thing on Monday to set a schedule. Prioritize your tasks for the workweek, and be sure to schedule in some personal time too. The ability to see what you’re up against at the start of the week can help you set daily goals and make plans outside of office hours. To help keep you organized, set calendar alerts and other savvy reminders on your phone— this way you’ll know exactly what’s going on, even when you’re away from your desk.


 List 3 things you are grateful for – It really works!

How about starting the week by listing 3 things you’re grateful for? While it may not be the first item on your usual to-do list, the methods of positive psychology might prove tremendously effective in search of happiness.


 Indulge in a delish breakfast. Mondays call for a little treat.

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Some of you might end up being moody all day Monday if you skip breakfast. An empty stomach can drive you nuts. The advantage of waking up early is that you get enough time to sip on coffee and enjoy your breakfast.


 Take an aromatherapy shower.

Your ordinary shower might not cut it in terms of excitement. However, adding some scent can cheer you up immensely.


 Dress Up Smartly.

If your workplace allows for it, dress up in fine style. You’d be surprised to see how much your clothes can affect your mood.


 Beat the Monday morning race.

You can use Sunday evenings to your advantage. If you take a few minutes to straighten up the kitchen, make your lunch, and lay out Monday’s clothes, you will avoid the last minute scramble on Monday morning that sets the tone for the entire day. Instead of a mad scramble, you will waltz through the morning race to work and that will beat the Monday morning blues.


  Think positive.

Work-related stress might have driven you crazy the previous week. Forget about it. Start your Monday on a positive note. A good mood can help you solve a really bad problem from the previous week.


 Ask a Co-worker How Their Weekend Went.

Try asking how a co-worker’s weekend went and really listening instead of waiting for them to stop so you can tell them about your weekend. By really listening to them, you become more engaged with the person.


 Tackle Tough Assignments During Peak Hours.

If you view your energy throughout the day as a bell curve, then work smart. Dive into your toughest assignments and tackle them head on when you have the drive. Later, as your energy tapers off, shift gears to something that requires less brainpower.


 Shuffle the schedule.

Maybe something is making Mondays unnecessarily tough. Could you suggest moving the weekly meeting from Monday morning to Wednesday morning, so you don’t feel like you’re starting your week by sitting in a long meeting? Could a report be due on Tuesday, instead of Monday, to give you a little cushion?


 Give yourself something to look forward to.

So that you feel better about leaving the holidays behind. Plan a weekend getaway, try a new sport, or meet a friend for lunch.


 Do Morning Exercise.

Any exercise like yoga, running, aerobics or swimming releases endorphins (happy hormones) that help you feel happy and reduces stress & anxiety, which often intensifies the feelings of depression brought on by the Monday morning blues.


 Plan your meals in advance.

Take out half an hour before going to bed on Sunday night to decide what you will cook for the next 5 days. Write it down if you have trouble remembering. You can even prepare and deep-freeze some basic ingredients, or treat yourself and buy lunch.


 Take a break.

Take short breaks during the day. Pause and take deep long breaths.


 Don’t Forget!

  1. Count your blessings in the morning.
  2. Be affirmative. Tell yourself what a beautiful day it is!
  3. Remember that happiness is a choice, so choose happiness.
  4. Greet everyone with a smile.


Mondays are a start to a fresh new week, and a chance to set right whatever went wrong last week. It is just not right to blemish that with chaos. So next Monday when you start the day, try out some of these tips.


What tips would you offer for coping with Monday morning — or the Monday-morning mood? Know another method for How to Beat the Monday Morning Blues? What’s your favourite way to cheer up on Monday?


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Happy Monday!

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