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Sep 16, 2013

Travel Plans Start on Mobile Devices

According to a new report from Greenlight Digital, Over a half a million (522,115), or 21%, of those online searches for hotels were made by UK consumers using a mobile device. More than half (59% / 307,786) of mobile searches for hotels were for accommodation in UK destinations with the capital city London (13%) and York (3%) garnering the most queries.     Travellers are increasingly using search, social media and apps to shop for, and book, their hotel travel.       More stats: • was the most visible website for hotel-related searches on laptops/desktops, achieving a 46% share of ...

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How to Get The Best Hotel Rooms

Whether travelling for business or pleasure, picking the right accommodation is very essential for a much relaxing and productive stay. After all, your hotel room is where you spend your “down time” during your trip. But how do you ensure a much better stay inside your room?    Look online before booking You should also visit the hotel’s Web site before you go. Often there will be photo galleries or even floor plans that will give you an idea of what the rooms look like and which ones might suit you best.    What’s the key to getting a good ...

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Tips for negotiating a Lower Corporate Hotel Rate

Hotel rates are constantly increasing. However, just because a hotel is quoting a certain rate doesn’t mean you have to pay it. Most hotels would rather rent empty rooms at a lower rate then leave them idle making no money at all.    Be prepared to negotiate. Call the first hotel on your list and ask to speak to someone in guest relations. If there is no guest relations person, ask for the hotel manager. Be sure to ask the receptionist for the name of the person to whom you are about to be connected. Jot the name down on ...

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Choosing the Right Business Accommodation

Business people are very important clients for hotels as they generally choose the most expensive rooms to make sure that they have all the comfort they need to get ready for a business meeting or a conference. If you’re a businessman or woman looking for an accommodation for your next meeting then here are some tips that should help you choose the best accommodation for your business trips.   According to a new study by Travel Leaders, the top five selections were: Location – near business meeting (82.8%), Rewards program – frequent guest points (54.4%), Free Wi Fi (31.4%), Location ...

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