Whether travelling for business or pleasure, picking the right accommodation is very essential for a much relaxing and productive stay. After all, your hotel room is where you spend your “down time” during your trip. But how do you ensure a much better stay inside your room?


 Look online before booking

You should also visit the hotel’s Web site before you go. Often there will be photo galleries or even floor plans that will give you an idea of what the rooms look like and which ones might suit you best.


 What’s the key to getting a good hotel room?

When you arrive at the hotel and check in, you should remember that the power of the front desk cannot be undervalued.


 Book well in advance 

This should obviously give you the best choice of rooms, especially if you want to stay during peak season.


 Research the hotel on review sites

Once you find a hotel that’s right for you, read the online reviews. Read both good and bad, and keep in mind that one bad review does not mean it is a bad hotel. Always look who has posted the review. If it is a new member with only one or two reviews then you can be sure that it is a fake. Only trust the reviews written by established members with a high number of posts. That way you can be sure it is a real, truthful overview of your potential hotel.


 Arrive early 

That way you get the biggest choice of rooms and have more chance of ensuring that the specific one you have booked is not allocated to someone else.


 Tell your preference

Confirm your preferences- such as a quiet room, large bathroom, safe, non-smoker, etc


 Request for a room in the middle of the hallway

Rooms near the elevators are the safest, but they can also be the noisiest. Corner rooms may be intimate, but are also hidden, making it easier for thieves to access.  If you’re staying alone, better choose a room in the middle of the hallway.


Don’t be afraid to ask – Any of your rooms have a preferable view?

You may be given the parking lot or other less favorable view unless you specify a preference otherwise. Sometimes a room with a view costs more, but if not, you may as well get the best view for your money.


 Be demanding

Don’t be afraid to tell the staff when you don?t like your room. Those who speak up get the most attention.


 Request to see a room

It is perfectly okay to ask to see a room before check-in. Most often, a hotel will do its best to find something that is suitable within the category booked.If you don’t like the room you’re assigned, ask to move. If there’s another available room, most properties will accommodate your wishes.


  Booking site Room77.com displays hotel floor plans and can even show you the view from the rooms.


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