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How Spanish Translation Can Become a Door Opening Skill for PAs

Personal assistants exist in a unique position of authority, working closely with senior team members and directors, while taking control and responsibility of numerous tasks. Beyond administrative duties, the workload of a PA can require a host of organisational and practical skills. But even with this abundance of skills, a personal assistant can still become more skilled. Certain abilities and qualifications will open doors to more niche and better paid PA roles. One way of accessing new employment opportunities is to become proficient in a foreign language. According to translation service company London Translations, Spanish is currently the second most ...

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Pitman Training in London and Manchester

Nationally recognised, flexible, career enhancing office skills courses.     Pitman Training is the UK’s most prestigious office skills training organisation and offer diplomas, courses and tutor led seminars specifically designed to help people like you train for your dream career. We run four centres in Holborn, Notting Hill, Croydon and Manchester, and we also offer distance learning if you’d prefer to study from home. Pitman Training is the place to be if you want to train for a brand new career, earn a promotion, or if you just want to improve your skills to enhance your CV and future ...

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