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Happy Hour Etiquette

Doing business over drinks is a great way to socialise in a relaxed and informal setting and allows people to communicate more honestly so both parties can get to know each other.    Drinking as a networking tool Having a couple of drinks over business definitely loosens inhibitions although it can also be a good conversation starter. You’ll probably notice your choice of wine is a great ice- breaker to get discussion, so to have some knowledge on wine can work in your favor.    Remember moderation Always order a weak drink with soda at a bar when you’re discussing ...

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How to Pick The Right Bar For a Business Meeting

You can’t connect with clients by bringing them to a bland room with nothing but a desk, laptop and a couple of worn out chairs, so why keep it that way? Come up with new ideas, solve the difficult problems, get to know new people and share your passion in . When it comes to deciding which office you meet at, you should answer “neither.” Encourage yourself and the clients you meet by going somewhere fun and memorable!    Hotel bars Hotel bars are pretty active when it comes to business. If you’re going to a meeting for a quick exchange ...

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