The desk is the center of the office. The important role the desk plays makes choosing the right one essential to beating clutter. First and foremost, your desk must be the right size for your needs. A desk that is too small makes it hard to work efficiently and keep the basic office tools at hand. But a desk that is too large becomes a wide, empty space inviting clutter.


Type of office desks:


 L-Shaped Desk

The famous “L-shape” works well whether you want an executive desk, a computer desk, or prefer the design of traditional desks. L-shaped desks combine excellent desktop area with the advantage of helping you multi-task. L-shaped desks often offer even more workspace as they typically have additional desktop area on the corner connector that creates the completed L-shape. This is often a perfect spot for smaller desk accessories.


 Corner Desk

A good quality corner desk delivers some excellent advantages over traditional desks. The primary advantage is space maximisation. If you work in a “square footage challenged” office at your workplace or home, a corner desk might be a wonderful solution to your space issues


 Writing Desk

A writing desk at first glance may look similar to a dining table, with one exception: drawers. This type of desk usually has one to three small drawers at the top. 
Typically, these desks are for writers, architects or people who are working mainly on the table top and not on a computer, although laptops work well here also. The desk doesn’t have a spot for cords and doesn’t have a space for a desktop computer tower.


 Executive desk for your company

Choosing an executive desk involves image, quality, and efficiency considerations. The importance of the image issue is directly related to the propensity of your executives to use their offices as customer, client, or internal meeting areas.


 The U Shaped desk

This one wraps around you in a u-shape, it does take up some space. Since they are shaped in a semi circle, they provide the person using it a lot of space to work and even move about. It also gives the person using it a feeling of a private space or corner. It is an ideal desk for a person who has to multitask.


 Movable desk

This desk is on wheels and is very tiny, so little space is used.


 Ergonomic desk

Can be any of the above, this one helps you keep in a comfortable position to stop problems that would happened later on. Is designed to reduce strain and stress while you sit. These pieces may be designed with adjustable height mechanisms or cabinets that can hide office equipment such as peripherals and cables.


 Computer Desk

These office desks are specifically used for computing purposes. The main feature in these desks is that they have adjustable part, like an adjustable keyboard and adjustable legs and height, so that the table can be customized. It is an ideal choice for someone whose primary work involves the consistent use of computers.


 Traditional desks

Usually have drawers which provide additional storage for things you would prefer to keep out of view.



Use your work area Whether you have a wide open area or a compact workstation, the space immediately around your desk needs to be structured. You may want to consider what your workflow will be like. If you don’t have much open space on your desk, you may want some desk organisers that will move documents away from your workspace, like a mail organiser or vertical document holders.


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