And we don’t just mean buying presents! As a PA, there’s a lot to think about it in this busy period.

  So, here are a few helpful tips on handling Christmas parties and holiday handovers.


 Holiday handovers

A relaxing Christmas break can easily be spoiled if you fail to get your holiday handover concluded smoothly, so consider the following:

  • Start the handover early – there’s always a hitch or two, and starting early avoids any last minute panic
  • Be realistic – don’t work yourself into the ground trying to fit everything in before you finish
  • Write clear instructions – this will make life much easier for you and the person covering you

And if you’re providing cover over the holidays:

  • Prepare some questions – get as much information as you can before they leave!
  • Don’t be negative if things go wrong – if the handover notes aren’t clear, try to avoid blaming anyone
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for help – provided you do it in a positive and friendly fashion, asking for support when you’re struggling or overworked is a sensible thing to do


 Organising Christmas parties

Here are a few tips on organising your Christmas party:

  • Set the date as soon as possible, especially if you have a large booking
  • Send a ‘save the date’ email as early as you can
  • Set a clear and agreed budget
  • Get everyone’s input – all too often, plans are made without consulting everyone in the business
  • Find a venue that is accessible to everyone – plan travel and accommodation for those who might need it
  • Set the tone of the event – casual or glam?
  • Which day are you choosing for the event? If you plan in advance, you’ll be very likely to have your party booked on a Friday. If not, consider Wednesdays and Thursdays and make sure you request morning off for all employees – if possible – so they can enjoy the party
  • Make it special – try to impress your guests by having something unique that a few would have experienced before


 Surviving Christmas parties

Organising the Christmas party is one thing, but surviving it is quite another. Here are a few tips:

  • First and foremost, don’t do anything you’ll end up regretting. Kissing a colleague may be harmless, but we’ve heard stories of people drunkenly tweeting offensively about their boss
  • Try not to talk too much about work. We tend to do that if we’re nervous, but this is a good chance to make some new friends and enjoy yourself
  • Plan your escape! You’re inevitably going to be a little tipsy, and why not. So, make your life easier and plan well in advance how and when you’ll get home


So, happy planning, and more importantly, happy Christmas!

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