Party season is here – hooray! Your dance card may be full… but that doesn’t mean your stomach has to be. We all over-indulge around this time of year – it’s difficult to avoid. But I have put together one or two tips to make fighting the fat a little easier when it comes to January. Don’t abstain – just plan ahead a little (after all, it is what us PAs are good at doing!).


 Office snacks

If you work in an office, it is very likely that there will be bowls of sweets, chocolates, perhaps the odd Christmas cake or mince pie here and there. When you are offered something, or pass by a brimming festive table – only allow yourself to reach out and grab a snack one in every 3 times that you want to. Trust me – after you’ve got used to it, you’d be amazed at how good your willpower can become – it’s all about delaying the pleasure!


 Plan your week

There is no need to completely abandon the gym, or running, cycling etc just because it’s party season. Spend five minutes on a Sunday night going through the coming week’s activities and see if you can squeeze in any time for a bit of exercise. Even a walk around the block at lunchtime helps!



As well as festive drinks… make sure you keep well hydrated. If you are eating out at a lot of restaurants, the chances are your salt intake will be much higher than normal. Drinking plenty of water helps your body stay healthy and also makes you feel a bit fuller – so you hopefully won’t binge too much on those long lunches or dinners!


 Enjoy yourself

The most important point of all (in my opinion!): if you are going to indulge, make sure it is on something you really want and have been looking forward to! Perhaps you are a Christmas pudding fan? You may end up being served this dessert more than once in December… so if it isn’t a great one, just have a bite or two and leave the rest. Similarly, if you are going to a party or doing something you’ve been looking forward to for ages and you know there will be a lot of indulgence – eat lightly that day or a few days before and then really enjoy your evening!



Happy Christmas everyone! Thank you to those of you who have commented on my blogs and I wish you all a very merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year from here in Singapore.


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Tania Tulen is an international PA with over ten years experience. She has worked in London, Paris, NY and is currently living and working in Singapore. Having provided support to some of the most demanding and successful entrepreneurs and start ups, she now works for the world's largest law firm.

Tania Tulen

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