Budgets and Christmas parties don’t naturally go hand in hand, but for smaller companies finding the balance between staff appreciation and expenses is a fine one. A Christmas party is an important event for team bonding and boosting staff morale. This means that whatever you provide it needs to be memorable for the right reasons.


Here are a few tips to organising the perfect office party on a budget:


 Music: hiring a band VS an iPod playlist

For bigger companies, or ones who can afford to hire a band to make the night extra special, there are numerous music entertainment agencies to choose from. While live music can be expensive, you will be able to save a little by hiring up and coming musicians at smaller companies, such as Mango Music.

Make sure you do your research ahead of time, checking out the bands on YouTube or listening to their Soundcloud pages. You need to find the right band for the mood of your event.


 Decorating: from Christmas trees to tasteful tinsel

You don’t need to create a whimsical winter wonderland to leave a lasting impression on your guests. In fact, party-goers are far more interested in socialising and enjoying a beverage or three (responsibly!), so subtle and tasteful decorations are the best way to go.

A Christmas tree is a welcome addition to any room. If space is limited consider the deconstructed effect. This involves using the traditional elements of a Christmas tree in different ways. For instance, fairy lights can be attached to the bar or dangled from the ceiling to add sparkle, while baubles arranged in a vase make a nice table centrepiece. If you’re going for something more classically cheesy then cover everything you can in tinsel.


Other ideas include draping decorative banners on walls that can be customised to your party’s needs, or simply adorning the room with balloons of festive red and green colours.


 Gifts: secret santa or company goodie bags

Gifts are an essential part of Christmas but not necessarily a must between employee and staff. The Christmas party in itself a thank you for a year of hard work from the team.

One way to encourage the seasonal spirit in your team, while saving costs for your employees, is to organise an in-office secret santa. Set a budget and a deadline – the party – and you can be assured that everyone gets a small gift for the holidays.


Alternatively, if you are saving by hosting a party at your office or having a meal at a restaurant, you can create small gift bags for the team. These Christmas goodie bags should include universal items such as: skin care products, sparkling drinks like prosecco (look out for bulk buy offers) or unique buys for smaller teams who know each other well.



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