If you have to take a business acquaintance out for lunch or dinner, it could be important to choose an appropriate restaurant. Even if the purpose of the outing is not strictly business, showing your guest a good time could pay dividends in the future. If people enjoy themselves in your company, they will remember you fondly in the future. If people remember you fondly, they will be more likely to think of you when they have something good to offer. Additionally, if you need a favor at some point down the line, someone who has a pleasant memory of you will probably be happy to help you out.


 Go for a strategically-located restaurant with good acoustics.

A culinary establishment that is near your client’s office would be preferable as this will give you more time for conversation. If a suitable restaurant cannot be found, opt for one that is easy to find and get to. Also, the location should not be too loud or too quiet. Ambiance is key, the noise level should be suitable enough to make all of you speak at a comfortable volume. Aside from this, there should be ample parking space near or at the destination.


 When You Make Your Reservation, Let Them Know It’s A Business Lunch. 

This way, the restaurant can prepare to place you in the appropriate area and there is a better chance of having a mistake-free encounter with a client.


 Consider the crowd.

Think about how you judge a restaurant. In part, you assess the crowd in the restaurant and that helps to give you a sense of the place. That, of course, is reinforced by the service, food and all the aspects of your meal. If the business meeting is someone who seems conservative and is always in a suit and tie, don’t take them to that new “hip” place in town. For the most people, try to find a place where the crowd will be similar to the person you are bringing.


  Pick one known for its excellent service.

It doesn’t really matter if the food is amazing if the people serving it to you aren’t well-practiced in the art of good service. You want to find a spot that places flawless service right up there with the quality of what it’s serving.

Most restaurants that are frequented by business diners understand this. Their servers are observant and discreet — they know when to come by and check in, and when to leave you alone to discuss business matters. 

If you’re unfamiliar with a restaurant, you should call ahead to find out if they have a lot of parties in for business meals. You should also check out reviews online to find out whether the ambiance is appropriate.



Cleanliness is the first and foremost thing that needs to be given attention. If the restaurant is not clean, the kitchen area might be worse. So rather than eating unhygienic food at an unhealthy place, one should prefer checking out the other restaurants. How to check the cleanliness levels? Check whether the floor, tables, crockery, waiter dresses, smell, etc. are clean.



Price on the menu is another vital factor affecting the choice. Good things come for high prices? It is not always true. The overall experience of having food at a restaurant will be enjoyable and you would want to experience it again, if it does not make a hole in your pocket, i.e Your decision may vary based on the quantity and quality served.


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