We think it’s crucial to get feedback from all clients post event likewise you might wish to do the same with your delegates. If something works well for you then we’ll happily fly the flag again. If a venue hasn’t worked for you then we think it’s important to understand why and cross it off your list for next time.


Below are samples of questions to ask in your next post-event survey. 


 Sample of General Feedback Questions


1.   Create a pre-event survey to better understand the goals of your attendees, and then follow up with a post-event survey to see if they accomplished those goals.


What was the best part of the Conference?


Why was this event successful for you?


4.   Is there anything we could have done better?


5.   How was the Staff/Food/Location (rating 1-10)?


6.   Would you refer us to a friend or colleague?


7.  Did the technology used at the event enhance, take away from, or make your participation more enjoyable? – ask for suggestions on what they would recommend.


8.   Ask for the feedback once participants are back at work. By waiting a couple of days you receive much longer, insightful and interesting feedback.


9.   Capture video testimonials post-event before people walk away from the event. Not only does it create excellent marketing material, but it captures the immediate “wow” factor.


10. Was the conference a good opportunity to Network?  (a recent report shows 80% of the reasons delegates go to conferences is to Network).



 Sample of Speaker Feedback Questions


  • Was the session topic delivered as promised?
  • Was the speaker engaging?
  • What were your objectives for this session?
  • Did the speaker meet your objectives?
  • Did the speaker include the right level of topic detail?
  • What topics would you like to have seen covered?
  • Can the information you gathered from this session be applied to your business?



Below are samples of questions to ask exhibitors and sponsors in your next post-event survey. 



 Sample of Exhibitor and Sponsor Feedback Questions


  • Were attendees the right level of decision-makers for your products or services?
  • Did the event structure allow you ample time to interact with attendees?
  • What were your primary objectives for exhibiting at this event (brand awareness, lead generation, networking, etc.)?
  • Did the event meet your objectives?
  • Was the location of your booth suitable for generating traffic?
  • Did the event venue provide appropriate recognition for your sponsorship (Refreshment break sponsor, signage, on-stage recognition, etc.)?
  • Did you find value in the networking opportunities?


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