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There are some challenges involved for any IT support company to offer and fully fulfil onsite support and off-site support services. Both of them are normally not needed at the same time for any SME or Medium Sized business, however, if you are right at the heart of a fast paced, competitive and vibrant environment like London, then you may want to think about some sort of IT support for a just-in-case scenario or even about your IT support being managed.


Managed service desk is a good way of handling IT support issues. Certain times, there is no need for engineers to come and see you on-site for IT support. The majority of IT issues can be handled from anywhere the engineer is based and even when the engineer is on the move. Certain companies do have a selective assortment of IT software that helps their engineers solve problems on the move, within SLA times and making sure the matters are solved.


As a business, one wouldn’t even like to know the nitty-gritty technical details behind the issues, for example, if your email system is crashing and you need to send a couple of very important emails, if the IT service desk can solve that for you in less than 10 minutes, what more could you wish for?


Nowadays, London based businesses find it difficult to get the right IT package from a company with a similar culture like theirs and that too with services being charged on a fair pricing model. Many IT support companies also don’t treat their customers as partners and miss out on upping their customer experience. Some companies are still treating their clients in a B2B and B2C approach.


Ours is a bit different – like the industry confirms, we believe that H2H is the new norm, and that customers don’t have to be treated as end users but rather as human beings first. Even the service desk should be more customer service based to respond to queries in a nice, quick and efficient way. Receiving IT support shouldn’t be a pain, IT guys are only here to provide any business with a robust IT infrastructure so that there is minimal disruption to business momentum.


As an SME or a Medium sized firm, it is critical to now start thinking about outsourcing IT support if the in-house team is too overloaded with IT issues. There are some companies who will even complement your support team as well. It all depends on your business strategy and IT strategy and how strong you believe in the robustness of your business and IT infrastructure to keep on pushing you forward.


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