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Top Tech Trends to Watch for in 2015

2015 will bring many tech advances that will change the face of the planet as we know it (again). The technology world is ever evolving; it is hard to keep up with it all, with new technologies hitting the headlines on a day-today basis. There is so much technology disrupting our everyday behaviour, but what will prove to be the most useful over this year and the year to come?   Our IT support team have put their heads together to identify the top technology trends of 2015.   Wearable Technology Last year we saw the arrival of Smart watches. ...

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7 Apps to Increase Your Productivity In The Office

Today’s range of smartphones are immensely powerful. There are millions of apps at our finger tips, but which ones will work for you?   Atech Support, the UK’s number one IT support company, has found 7 apps that will boost your productivity in the office.   From to-do lists, task automation and text editors for those quick Word document edits – this list is full of exciting apps that will certainly assist you in your day-to day activities.   Microsoft Office Mobile (iOS and Android)   Did you know that you can get the full Microsoft Office package free on ...

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7 Must-know Tips for Working in Word, Excel and Outlook

  You’ve been working with Microsoft Office for several years, and right when you’re used to one version, a new one gets rolled out. Still yet, you’re pretty sure you know all there is to know about the new Word, Excel and Outlook. If this sounds like you, then think again. Here’s a quick look at seven office life hacks you can use within these programs that will help boost your productivity.     Word 2013 Tip #1: Using Read Mode to your advantage Do you find yourself reading through a lot of documents? If so, then you need to ...

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Protecting your personal data: 10 tips to keep your data safe online

Recently, news stories came out reporting that hundreds of Apple’s iCloud accounts had been hacked. The reports indicated that these accounts were primarily famous celebrities, notably Jennifer Lawrence, Kate Upton, and more than 100 other female celebrities. These reports have brought additional and much needed attention to the topic of data security, particularly as it relates to information we keep online. Businesses and consumers are putting and increasing amount of their personal, sensitive, and financial information on the internet. Cloud services are becoming increasingly robust, and companies like Apple want us to trust them with increasing amounts of financial information for ...

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An Alternative IT Support Company – Hello?

  There are some challenges involved for any IT support company to offer and fully fulfil onsite support and off-site support services. Both of them are normally not needed at the same time for any SME or Medium Sized business, however, if you are right at the heart of a fast paced, competitive and vibrant environment like London, then you may want to think about some sort of IT support for a just-in-case scenario or even about your IT support being managed.   Managed service desk is a good way of handling IT support issues. Certain times, there is no ...

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Atech Support – Exclusive IT Partner

    Atech Support Ltd is dedicated to providing the very best in IT support services. We go above and beyond when it comes to dedication to service, forming a complete partnership with our clients – becoming an extended part of your business. We are unique.   As an exclusive technology partner of PA Privé, we support PAs by providing technical advice and support to you and your business.   How can we help?   24/7 IT support Managed Service Desk Remote & On-site Support Voice & Data Telephone systems Network Installs/Monitoring Office IT Relocations Value Added Procurement     ...

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