There are a few guidelines you can follow for help in deciding if you will be giving a gift and what to give. The tips below will help you in choosing appropriate gifts in business for anyone from clients, associates, coworkers and for your boss.

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Why Give a Corporate Gift?

To promote good will within your company

To strengthen relationships

To demonstrate gratitude to special

Build and maintain business relationships

Show appreciation

As an incentive to encourage or motivate

To congratulate

And endless other occasions that call for celebration.


However deciding what to give can be a challenge. Here are 14 tips that will make your corporate gift giving plans easier.


 Be aware of company gift policy

Do your research. Some companies forbid gift giving or receiving, Therefore, it’s advisable you check this detail before you buy a corporate gift.


 Have a clear idea about your budget

Sticking to your budget is crucial. Decide right up front how much you can afford to spend per person.


 Invest in Quality Gifts

The corporate gift you choose will be a direct reflection of the company image and the recipient’s worth that is perceived by the recipient. You don’t have to spend a fortune, keep it simple and memorable.  Also you can give gifts that are modest and represent the appreciation and/or respect for the recipient as an affirmation of the company’s relationship with the recipient.


 Try to find out what your recipient likes

Watch what the person talks about frequently, what they buy for others, or where they like to shop.  These little clues translate to a great future gift idea from you.

 Gift giving customs change from culture to culture, so you may have to do your research before sending something out to a foreign client.



Verify important details (dietary restrictions, sizes, color preferences, and correct spelling of family member names, etc


 Be sustainable

Sustainable gifts show thoughtfulness for the recipient and the planet


 Think About Food Gifts

Food is always a popular gift. Not sure what to give? A gourmet gift basket is always welcome. You give food gifts such as chocolate or fruit baskets, special cookies, and even wines or other liqueurs. check


 Seasonal Gifts

A gift that’s seasonally appropriate is a gift that will be used immediately, and one that’s sure to keep your business at the top of your customer’s mind.


 Promotional Gifts

The point of the gift is to present the individual with something of value and use that he or she will keep for a long time. By branding the item with your logo means that every time they see or use it, they will be reminded about you and your company. Companies that want to be seen as socially responsible will send eco-friendly products.


 Wines, Spirits & Liquors

Generally you send wines to people you know well. Wines also are great gift selections and will go perfectly with your basket. But before you give them out, make sure that you already know the preferences of each recipient.


 Always Hand-write Your Gift Tags

Many business owners sending out  expensive gifts fail to remember the thoughtful, old world charm of a  hand-written note, which is far better than a branded card with a printed message.


 A neatly wrapped present makes a lasting impression

The wrapping or packaging of your gift should make a good first impression to the person you are presenting the gift to. Good wrapping sends a message that you consider the person important


 ship the gift or hand deliver?

This one is pretty simple – if the gift recipient is within driving distance or you know you will see them soon, give the gift in person.  Actions speak louder than anything else; hand delivery is priceless.


 It’s Okay to Send a Card Instead of a Gift

Since the economy is only somewhat improved, not all companies can afford to give clients gifts.  And many companies have too many clients to make gift-giving possible.  In that case, a personalized holiday card will suffice.


Above all, use yourself for ideas! Think what YOU personally would like to receive as a gift at work from a colleague or manager or from the company as a corporate gift and work with that.


Are you looking for a unique corporate gift? What kind of gifts have you given away? If you have other big ideas for a small budget, share them in the comments section.

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