The office chair was strategically designed to increase the productivity of clerical employees by facilitating long hours of comfortable sitting. Sitting in an office chair at work is almost inevitable with the growing number of desk jobs and steady increase in office related positions. If you are going to be sitting for the majority of the work day, it is important to be sitting in a chair that is going to be adjustable enough to allow you to sit comfortably for hours a day.


Types of office chairs


 Tub chair

This kind of office chairs will definitely catch your attention as it looks very refreshing and lively. It comes with different colours that could match your office interior.


 Pebble chair

This kind of office chais is best for informal meetings and gatherings. It look gives your office a more joyful and positive ambience that your guests definitely would not fail to notice.


 Bench sofa

One of the best office chairs that you can consider. You can choose from different upholstery designs. It is long and bold so can accommodate more people. It is best for receptions areas, lobbies or breakfast spaces.


 Lounge chair

Lounge chair is an elegant type of office chairs that would best suit formal office meetings and gatherings. It has sleek design that would match any sophisticated taste.


 Arm chair

Is one of the most common types of office chairs since it can be easily paired with any office desk you have. Furthermore, this kind of chairs offer comfort that would help you endure long hours stay in your office.


Type of Desk chairs


 Mesh office chair

Generally this kind of chair have a cushioned bottom, but the back is entirely made of mesh. It provides a firm, comfortable surface to lean back against that corrects posture. The armrests are generally smooth and firm as well, not upholstered. Mesh provides a well ventilated material that allows your back to breathe during those warm summer months.


 Ergonomic office chair

Ergonomic office chairs are usually especially intended to provide ease for individuals suffering from spine-related difficulties. Their own innovative built-in functions can easily decrease back discomfort and also slowly reduce spine-related difficulties.


 Operator Seating

These are office chairs that have casters and also swivel. They are a popular work chair because they are adjustable to various heights and weights. Various people can sit in one of these chairs with each one making the adjustments to make the chair comfortable for their bodies.


 Leather-based office chairs

These types of seats are usually designed to improve a person’s expert seem and gives an appropriate sitting knowledge. Leather-based office chairs are created utilizing good quality leather which are long-lasting and also stylish.



Obviously a recliner is a chair that allows one to sit back and rest. However, an office recliner is usually an executive type office chair that is large, padded and allows the user to lie back enough to actually rest. Oftentimes, a recliner will have a footstool made of the same material and padding.


Do your homework, read reviews don’t rush into your purchase. Whatever type of office chair you buy be sure it fits your body, your personality, your office and your budget.


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