2015 will bring many tech advances that will change the face of the planet as we know it (again). The technology world is ever evolving; it is hard to keep up with it all, with new technologies hitting the headlines on a day-today basis. There is so much technology disrupting our everyday behaviour, but what will prove to be the most useful over this year and the year to come?


Our IT support team have put their heads together to identify the top technology trends of 2015.


Wearable Technology

Last year we saw the arrival of Smart watches. We saw the introduction of the Android Wear and the announcement of the Apple Watch. The wearable tech scene has increased its footprint dramatically over the last year, but what should we look out for?


  • Smart Watches

This year, Apple will release their Smart Watch to compete with Samsung – the current market leader in Smartwatches.

This is when tech gets exciting; we usually see a lot more developments in tech areas when companies go head to head with their products, so watch this space!


  • Activity Trackers

A huge trend over 2014 was with gadgets that included health monitoring. 2015 will be no different. We will begin to see huge advances in health technology, particularly with activity trackers. These trackers track your habits including your sleeping pattern and exercise. With this data these gadgets will then make suggestions on minor alterations to your routine that will boost your health.


The Internet of Things (IoT)

We will begin to see advancements in areas that we thought were tech-free. It is estimated that by 2020, 40.9 billion objects will be connected to the internet.

More objects will become digitized, allowing for connectivity to other devices. An example would be the iKettle – who wouldn’t want a kettle that is synced to your alarm to boil that brew for the moment you get out of bed?



You might have heard a lot about drones recently. That’s because their popularity has grown sky high! (Sorry for the pun…) Drones will be at the forefront of technology developments over 2015.


We will see the introduction of the Ambulance Drone. This drone is designed to respond to emergency calls that have reported that the victim has gone into cardiac arrest, it will fly to them and land near the patient, then it will proceed to read aloud clear and actionable instructions to passers-by to assist in resuscitation.


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