It’s almost time for the Christmas office party. Selecting activities for a company Christmas party might be the most difficult aspect of party planning. You will have to create a solid plan in advance. At least a month before the occasion, you need to decide on the theme.
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Depending on the scale of the event, there are many suitable corporate Christmas party themes. Some of the most popular company Christmas party ideas include:


 Ugliest Christmas Jumper

Everyone owns that one ugly Christmas jumper they can’t help but love. With this ugly jumper themed Christmas party, now is your chance to show these off. Have a fashion show and award a prize based on guests’ votes for the most outrageous outfit.


 Hollywood Christmas Party Theme

This theme aims to give everybody the chance to glam it up. They can come decked out in red carpet finery, enjoy champagne and caviar right off the bat, bring home exquisite goodie bags, and receive Oscar-like statuettes for company awards.


 Hawaiian Christmas Party Theme

Celebrate the spirit of the season and the prospect of a holiday vacation with a tropical theme such as Caribbean Christmas or Holidays in Hawaii.


 Masquerade Ball Event Theme

For the fancy christmas celebrators.  This formal theme incorporates decorative masks to adorn the faces of all guests.


 Winter Wonderland Christmas Party Theme

Turn your ordinary office party into a winter wonderland. Line the walkway and entrance with white lights or snowflake luminaries. Hang twinkle lights from chandeliers and around door frames. and try spiked hot cocoa and mulled wine instead of the usual beer and room temperature vino.


 The Ice/Winter Theme

The ice or winter theme is a popular one, as it’s non-religious. This is one of the easier themes to pull off, as you can accomplish a lot with some blue uplighting and white linens.


 Mad Men Office Party

Spike the punch, get out the old typewriters and tight sweaters cause the 1960′s office party is a perfect theme for this year’s party.


 Black and White or Red and Green party

A classic black and white party dictates the color of everything from decorations to food to dress code. You can mix it up for the holiday and host a red and green party instead.


 Decades Holiday Party

Pick a distinct pack of decades like 50′s & 60′s or 80′s and 90′s. It makes it easier to find costumes if you can cross the line between decades.


 Christmas Carols Party 

A great party idea for big groups and families, this Christmas party theme gets everyone involved in some old fashioned fun!


 Circus-themed office party

This theme party can provide a fun environment and several different entertainment options. First, one can require that employees come dressed as different circus characters.Conduct a circus costume contest and award winners.



Sing Feliz Navidad and serve Mexican Cuisine. Decorate with chili peppers and bust a piñata.


 Party Ideas Off-site

Try one of these different locations for an off-site party

  • Film Theater
  • Bowling Center
  • Race Track (Horse. Dog or Car)
  • Casino
  • Museums
  • Art Gallery
  • Indoor Ice Rink
  • Boat
  • Sporting Event


 Try organising a charity event or food drive in association with the party, with each guest bringing canned food for the needy.


Do you have other wonderful Christmas party themes?


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