It’s really not surprising that Donald Trump, SONY, DISNEY and other multi-million dollar corporations follow the advice of Feng Shui consultants. After all… the ancient Chinese science of Feng Shui has a 5,000 year history of increasing prosperity and improving health & relationships for those who used it correctly. The whole concept of Feng Shui has been established in order to promote better understanding, balance and equilibrium in one’s life. Feng Shui can bring about good Chi or positive energy into one’s life, even in an official setting. It can help people establish a better relation with one another in the official environment and make them get more work done.


Feng Shui is an ancient art and science developed over 3,000 years ago in China. It is a complex body of knowledge that reveals how to balance the energies of any given space to assure the health and good fortune for people inhabiting it.” 


Feng Shui ideas for offices vary, depending on what exactly people are trying to achieve with the help of this. People spend a lot of time in the office, almost as many hours as they spend at home, in fact. The work environment has to be maintained in a positive way so that people will be able to deliver to the best of their capabilities. If you have not been paying any attention to your Chi in the office or the Feng Shui situation of your office, it is not too late. You can always improve it now. This will help you pay more attention to what is happening in your work place, it can help you figure out how to handle work pressure and improve your relation with fellow workers as well. A properly placed desk offers you security and strength
while inspiring you to achieve your career goals.


 Ideal desk location

The properly placed desk offers you security and strength while inspiring you to achieve your career goals. The power position is diagonally opposite from the door with your back facing a solid wall.In this position you have a commanding view of the room and door. You also have an opportunity to view an inspiring artwork or a pleasant view outside. If possible, avoid placing a desk where your back faces a large window (drains your strength), you sit in direct line with the door (causes agitation), or you face a solid wall right in front of you (negatively affects your concentration and creativity).


  A person should never set their desk facing someone another person’s desk. This leads to bad Feng Shui. It could also lead to many arguments and complications. This is especially vital to people who share an office. If they want to get along better, they need to remember not to have their desks face each other.


 The chair 

The represents your career. Keep it clean and always allow it to easily move in any direction. The chair should be adjusted so your feet can fit firmly on the floor.


 Revitalise with plantsCrystals

Bring living energy into the space by placing a tree, a plant, fresh flowers, or even a bowl of fruit in a prominent spot. “Certain plants — like peace lilies — actually clean the air,” Opening a window, having a fan on, or using an air purifier can also help because it helps keep air and energy flowing.


 Do not sit facing a wall

Over time, you will begin to adapt the psychology of facing blockages and obstacles. Your mind does not work at its peak. You will miss out on opportunities and encounter obstacles in your work. Projects have difficulty getting off the ground and promotions are slow to come by. If it cannot be helped, use a mirror to reflect what is behind you. Try this experiment. Sit with your face to the wall. Look up and notice how it feels. Then turn around and look out. You will see and feel the difference!


 Put up family photos

To make your home office more inviting, hang up or display photos of you with family and friends. You’ll make yourself more comfortable by seeing familiar faces and recalling fun memories. Use a variety both wood and metal frames to incorporate the two elements.



Play soothing music throughout the day to alleviate stress, calm nerves, and keep you relaxed.


 Natural Lighting

Make use of all natural lighting available to the office through windows. A curtain can help with the amount of light let in as well as bringing some privacy. Also choose blinds made from a natural material.


 Clutter free

All clutter should be cleared from office space. Clutter brings bad Feng Shui to the office. Clutter creates confusion and chaos. It also creates unneeded and unwanted stress. Everything should be filed away and organized to help make a business successful. This also helps a person remain stress free in the work environment. Being clutter free also helps a person stay on top of their products and businesses.


“The ability to simplify means to eliminate the unnecessary so that the necessary may speak.” — Hans Hoffman


Choose colours that support your career needs. Green symbolizes a new opportunity and growth and is a great colour if you are starting up a new business. You can inject red as an accent colour in your office to motivate and increase your action. Yellow and orange can bring liveliness and cheerfulness to your work environment. Blue and lavender can soothe your work stress. Earthy brown creates a sense of stability.


  Use bamboo 


Bamboo has always been a lucky symbol for Feng Shui for offices. You can bring some lucky bamboo into your office work space. It is best if the bamboo is kept right next to the computer, for this will enhance the peaceful energy of the office and reduce the negativity or the distraction that surrounds the computer. The bamboo should be kept on the side that faces the entrance into your room or your cubicle. It would be helpful if you put some rocks and crystals in the bamboo plant’s pot as well.


 Have a focal point

Having a focal point in the workplace would be a good idea. This place can be the spot where the strongest Feng Shui symbol in your work spot is kept. This will help in the concentration of energy and it can certainly help improve a person’s focus when they are working as well.


 Feng shui your home office in quadrants

Increase abundance and prosperity by decorating the wealth, fame and career quadrants of your home office. The wealth area is located in the upper left corner of a room. To activate the wealth quadrant, hang a crystal from the ceiling or arrange a crystal bowl or thriving plant.

The back center portion is the fame quadrant, and is represented by the element fire. To stimulate financial success and movement in your career, place a candle or bright light in this area. A red object, such as red flowers or a pyramid, is also an effective feng shui tool.

The career area is located at the center front of your office and is enhanced by the water element. Decorate with the colors black or midnight blue in this location of your home office to stimulate your career. Paintings of water or the ocean, or a fountain, in this location are also easy decorating solutions to help your career thrive.


The Bagua Map – What to put on your desk



Career: The space right in front of you — the center, front square of the tic-tac-toe box represents your career. This is a definite section to keep clutter-free. The element is water and the color is black. If you’ve got a glass top, try slipping an inspiring picture, quote, or affirmation that signifies what you want in your career. You can always just tape it underneath so that it’s not in plain view. As long as you know it’s there, that’s all that matters.

Wisdom: The front, left corner is the wisdom area. Helpful feng shui items to place here are books, anything you are studying and learning, or anything representing higher knowledge or wise people. Blue is the associated color for this area. Any drawers in this area are also included.

Family: The center left-hand side of the desk is reserved for family. This is a great place to put family photos. Wood is the associated element, so wood frames would be great. And green is the color for this area in case you have anything green on your desk.

Wealth & Prosperity: Heading clockwise around the desk, the upper, left-hand corner is the prosperity area. A well-run computer works well in this area or you can use something that reminds you of wealth and riches. It’s also a great spot for a healthy plant, perhaps a bamboo plant. If you have an “in box” you can place it here to represent money coming in. Purple is a great color for this area if you’ve got any lying around.

Fame & Reputation: It is no wonder that the most common spot to place business cards or a name placard is the same spot for Fame and Reputation. The center back one ninth of the desk is the place to let people know who you are. (This is another reason why you want your desk facing the door!) Red is the best color for this area. And since fire is the element, a candle or desk light would work here as well.

Love & Relationships: The right-hand rear part of your desk is the Relationship corner. This can be used to attract a new relationship or to spice up an existing one. Enhance this area with pink, a picture of your significant other, or maybe a bowl of Hershey’s kisses?

Creativity and Children: Now we’re at the mid right-hand side of the desk. Got kids? Put them here, preferably in metal frame this time. Or use this space for items, books, or anything that spurs your creativity. Yellow and white are the associated colors.

Helpful People and Travel: This section is the right-hand, center area of your desk and is associated with the color “gray”. It is a great place to keep your address book, iphone, or rolodex. You can also place your accounts receivable list here so the money comes in on time.

Health: The only place on your desk that we haven’t covered yet is the center square. This area governs your physical health and balance. Like the home, I advise keeping this area clear so that the chi energy can easily reach all areas on your desk.


Have you found any of these office feng shui tips helpful? Can you apply any of them to your working space? So, how is your office Feng Shui? Do you think you might be on the right track? Will you make any changes?


Myriam Balerio is the founder and writer of PA Privé. After kick starting her career as a PA and finding success as an assistant, Myriam later trained in digital and online marketing and has since combined the two disciplines in creating PA Privé, the platform through which she provides sage advice for those in the assistant profession and a network for like-mined PAs and EAs to connect. Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Myriam has lived in London for over 10 years and currently lives in London with her husband and French bulldog.


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