While technology has made it much more possible to get things done quickly and efficiently, it has not necessarily made it easier. In fact, the progress of technology has served as a bit of a double-edged sword.


The following is a list of useful apps to help you stay focus and productive.

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 Concentrate  (For Mac, paid)

Concentrate is a utility designed to help you focus by getting rid of distraction and temptation. To avoid distraction, it allows you to block apps that you don’t need for a specific activity while automatically launching the apps necessary for the task. To overcome the temptation to waste time, you can block websites like Twitter, Facebook, and other social networks while you work. Mac


 Time Sink

This app can really help you learn how to use your time more efficiently. Time Sink automatically logs all of your opened windows and apps and records the amount of time spent on each one. At the end of the day, or any time period, you can see evidence of how you spent your time on your computer.


 StayOnTask – Android, Free

This is another free app that will help you to increase your focus on your work and will destruct from using smartphone. The concept of the app is very simple. It’ll check you randomly after every 15-20 minutes whether you’re doing work or not.


 Time Out (Free)

This app encourages you to take breaks between the time you work. It’s default mode is to create regular breaks of 10 minutes every hour.


 Stay Focused

Stayfocused is a free productivity tool based on the Pomodoro Technique, a friendly time management method based on alternating work periods and breaks. The recommended interval is 25 minutes of work to 5 minutes of break time, though each can be changed to suit. The tool creates Tasks, which can do just about anything you need them to. The built-in Task Report tool makes it easy to track and report your time.



SelfControl allows me to block access to a list of sites for a particular amount of time. I block all social networks, youtube, and my favorite news sites. Perfect when I really want to get into something.


Desktop and Web Applications

Focus Booster – (For Mac) Focuses you on a single task for 25 minutes at a time.


Self Control – (For Mac) Blocks distracting websites and email.


Freedom – (Mac and Windows) – Blocks access to the internet so you can get things done.


 Cold Turkey – (Windows) – Blocks out distracting websites, social media, and games.


Concentrate – (For Mac) – Runs a set of actions to keep you focused on tasks.


Do you use any app to help you stay more productive? Please share it with us.


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