How To Be Mentally Strong

  Click through to also find out how to improve concentration.   In today’s fast paced world, and with growing pressures on all fronts, everyone needs to focus more on mental strength. Mental strength is an important characteristic in our heroes. The reality is, we must also be strong-minded if we are to overcome the obstacles we meet every day.   There are six major characteristics of mental toughness: Confidence > Having the belief in yourself may increase your mental strength if applied correctly. Focus > The ability to concentrate on the task at hand and stay focused on that task is ...

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Dec 10, 2013

How to Be Optimistic in Through Times

Life certainly has its fair share of ups and downs, but if you tend to focus too much on the negative, it can affect everything you do. A recent Harvard study found that optimists have lower blood pressure levels, heart disease rates and more.  If you’re on the look out for a job, check out  our PA Privé careers page for personal assistant jobs, London PA jobs and more.     Our attitude toward life determines life’s attitude towards us. ~Earl Nightingale   Always remember the life you have got is the only one and the time which once passed away will never ...

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How To Boost Workplace Happiness

Research continues to show that a happy and positive workplace increases productivity, reduces staff turnover and engenders employee flexibility.  Basically happy workers are more likely to say yes to extra responsibilities, stay for longer, collaborate and help boost morale.     Incorporating the following ideas into your workplace will soon have everyone smiling! Do Something You Love Every Single Day. Trust your team. Step out of approval. Instead, pre-approve and focus on supporting your people. Make your people feel good. Make this the focus of management. Pass the knowledge on to your people, so they don’t need things approved. Find ...

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