How to Delegate Effectively

How many times have you felt stressed out and overwhelmed because you have so much to accomplish before an event at your venue? Worse yet, you know you need help but you do not know how to delegate the tasks at hand.   Click here for our guide on how to improve communication skills   Derived from Latin, delegate means, “to send from.” When delegating you are sending the work “from” you “to” someone else. Effective delegation Skills will not only give you more time to work on your important opportunities but you will also help others on your team ...

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Tips for Effective Delegation

Delegation is a key tool in the effective management of people, time and resources.  Here are a few key elements of any delegation. Click here for our guide on how to improve communication skills  Determine what you will delegate. 

 You decide which task(s) you want to delegate. Keep in mind that delegating is different from simply assigning someone a task that is already a part of the normal job requirements. When you delegate, you give someone else one of your job tasks; but you maintain control and responsibility.   Select the person to whom to delegate the responsibility, taking time ...

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