There are certain skills and attributes that are universally sought by employers. Most likely you possess one or more of these attributes which is certainly good news!


Identify a key set of skills you should focus if you want to achieve success when starting a new job.


 Knowing how and when to show empathy

Having the ability to place yourself in someone else’s shoes is a key people skill.



The ability to take control of a situation and to lead by empowering others into an effective team. Inspiring and energizing others to carry out tasks and achieve goals by displaying a clear sense of direction and values.


 Analytical/Research Skills

Deals with your ability to assess a situation, seek multiple perspectives, gather more information if necessary, and identify key issues that need to be addressed.



How many times have you heard that you must be innovative, intuitive, or imaginative? Employers want recruits with fresh ideas that will help to expand their businesses.



Employees who can adapt to any situation are dependable no matter what’s thrown at them.


 Active Listening

Giving full attention to what other people are saying, taking time to understand the points being made, asking questions as appropriate and not interrupting.


 Cross cultural competency

Ability to operate in different cultural settings.



When an employee believes strongly in the company’s mission, their job is no longer a job. It’s a calling.


 Tech Savvy

Computers and technology are everywhere in the workplace. Employers expect their employees to know their way around the technology used in business. This includes not only basic computer skills, but expertise with basic computer operating systems, word processing and spreadsheet programs, printers, copiers, smartphones, faxes and other office equipment.


 Interpersonal relationship skills

Effectively at building trust, finding common ground, having empathy, and ultimately building good relationships with people at work and in your network.  This skill is closely related to Communication Skills.



I have learned people will forget what you said. People will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you make them feel. Maya Angelou



 Making decisions

There are different styles of decision making, but the important thing is to be, you guessed it, decisive. Gathering all the important facts, seeking advice, looking at the big picture, considering alternatives, being aware of repercussions – these are all things that go into making a good decision. Things to be wary of are indecision and making snap decisions.


 Networking Skills

Networking creates the channel through which ideas flow and in which new ideas are created. Being able to be interesting and interested in business conversations that motivates people to want to be in your network.  The bigger and stronger the network you have, the more easily you can get things done (e.g., find a job, get advice, find business partners, find customers, etc.…)



Chances are your employees will be simultaneously involved in several projects, tasks or initiatives. Therefore, the ability to juggle all with aplomb is a highly valued skill.



The capacity to estimate the time required for a task, allocate it effectively and meet deadlines.



It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change.

Charles Darwin




A paycheck can motivate you, but employers want to hire people who want to do good work, not just for themselves but also for the company. If you believe in the corporate mission, and if it meshes with what you want to get out of the job, you have a good foundation to be motivated.


 Grow Your Emotional Intelligence

Knowing yourself, having good self-esteem, being aware of perceptions that others have of you, being more empathetic towards others, and controlling disruptive and unproductive negative emotionality.


 Become a Network Connector

Think in terms of organisational and industry ecosystems, not departments and functions. The better you are at networking / building connections across the broader ecosystem, the more likely you are to gain access to unique information and insight to top talent.


There are tons of other important skills to help you to succeed. Please share any other skills you like us to add to the list in the comments area below.


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Myriam Balerio is the founder and writer of PA Privé. After kick starting her career as a PA and finding success as an assistant, Myriam later trained in digital and online marketing and has since combined the two disciplines in creating PA Privé, the platform through which she provides sage advice for those in the assistant profession and a network for like-mined PAs and EAs to connect. Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Myriam has lived in London for over 10 years and currently lives in London with her husband and French bulldog.


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