For an office to look professionally managed it is important that it must appear clean and organized. Papers and files strewn all over the place can create a disorganized look and poor impression on visitors. Office storage cabinets help you keep your office clean and give the impression of a smooth, well-managed place.

Office Storage Cabinets are solid units that are capable of storing large amounts of important information. Under lock and key, these devices become a trusted companion amongst office furniture.


 Vertical office storage

This is the preferred way of storing files, as they can be easily accessed at arms width. If you’re worried about space, vertical filing cabinets are ideal as they take up far less floor and wall space.


 Lateral office storage cabinets

This type of cabinet have the added bonus of storing many files sizes as the drawers are much more wider.



This type of file cabinets store files horizontally unlike other file cabinets that store documents vertically. This is the best modern office furniture for very quick file retrieval and are available in a large range of colours.


 Wooden file cabinets

Wood file cabinets function just the way that metal file cabinets do, and they are usually just as sturdy and protective of your valuable documents. In addition, wood file cabinets come in a variety of colors.


 Steel file cabinets

Most people consider metal file cabinets traditional home office furniture. Professional businesses also prefer this type of file cabinet because of their longevity and durability. These  metal cabinets are also available in bright and vibrant colours.


 Fire proof file cabinets

Are used when the date you are storing is of high importance. You cannot afford to get it destroyed under any circumstances.


Tips to consider when buying Office Storage Cabinets:


  1. The width and depth as well as the number of drawers per cabinet.
  2. Measure the floor space and the location of your cabinet.
  3. The overall size and height of the cabinet for relocation purposes.
  4. The maximum weight capacity per drawer.
  5. Check to see if the width per drawer can store your intended files.
  6. As a precautionary measure, look for a fire or impact resistant cabinet.
  7. A quality ‘suspension mechanism’ to open and close drawers with ease.
  8. If it has a ‘counter weighted’ mechanism so your cabinet would not fall over.
  9. The material used (for durability purposes e.g. steel or metal).
  10. Finally, buy a storage device that blends seamlessly with your environment.


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