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Jun 8, 2014

Another Exciting Year of Tech Innovation – Google Glass

We believe Google Glass can be very useful for Personal Assistants, particularly because the devices can provide real-time information and are able to pull up data, images and more on a heads-up display and companies could use it basically as an information appliance.  Google is launching a new “Glass at Work” program to try to build interest in the business community about the possibilities of using Google Glass in workplaces. Now Google wants to encourage and grow that nascent trend with its new “Glass at Work” program which is designed to help businesses learn more how Glass might be integrated in useful ways ...

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9 Productivity Boosting Tools that Help You Concentrate on Work

Click here for our guide on how to improve communication skills      Eliminating distraction is a constant concern for the at-home worker, being mentally “present” and focused on the task at hand really does matter – quite a lot, in fact. With a tidal wave of information coming at us daily, focus is rapidly becoming the scarcest commodity of the 21st century. With this in mind, I’ve rounded up a handful of the best apps for fighting back against the constant distractions of our digital lives. For more productive apps please read > The Best Apps to Help You Boost Concentration ...

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The Best Apps to Help You Boost Concentration

While technology has made it much more possible to get things done quickly and efficiently, it has not necessarily made it easier. In fact, the progress of technology has served as a bit of a double-edged sword.   The following is a list of useful apps to help you stay focus and productive. Check out these useful article> 12 tips on how to stay focused at work  and get things done   Click here if you need advice with personal assistant interview questions or PA interview questions.    Concentrate  (For Mac, paid) Concentrate is a utility designed to help you focus by getting rid of ...

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Optimizing your Linkedin Profile

  Click through if you need advice with personal assistant interview questions or PA interview questions.  Create a custom profile URL/ Vanity URL Usually, your unique LinkedIn URL will contain gibberish letters and numbers. Change it to your full name – if that’s taken, try recognizable iterations of your name. The goal is to get a URL that is immediately identified as yours.    Upload profile picture Use a high resolution profile picture with a simple background.    Optimize Your Headline Adding keywords to your headline that you want to be associated with can improve your searchability within LinkedIn and beyond.    Your Name ...

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Best Apps for Organizing and Planning

Thanks to online tools and mobile apps, it has never been easier to organise all aspects of your business life. Here are some of the business apps that can help.    And remember, if you’re on the look out for a job, check out  our PA Privé careers page for personal assistant jobs, London PA jobs and more.  Apps for your to do lists    ReQall An easy-to-use organiser with to-do lists, voice input, reminder alerts and automatic filing of notes, using keywords. It also converts voice into text and stores it. For Blackberry, iPhone, Android (beta)    Organise your finances ...

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Oct 30, 2013

Apple’s iPad Air  The World’s Thinnest, Lightest Tablet.

Apple’s new iPad Air – everything you need to know. During last week’s Apple announced at a special event in San Francisco on October 22 the new iPad Air. The new tablet is lighter and thinner than the previous generation. It weighs only one pound and improved internals. It features the same 64-bit A7 processor , the same chip as iPhone 5s making it run an amazing 72 times faster than the original iPad. support for MIMO Wi-Fi, improved FaceTime camera and is just 7.5mm thick. *The iPad mini with retina display went on sale on November 1st.   But should ...

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20 Simple Ways to Increase Security and Privacy on iOS7

    Privacy is a hot topic when it comes to mobile devices. As such, it’s no surprise that some of the most important privacy settings on iOS 7 are disabled by default. Once you update it, there are a couple of settings you may want to toggle immediately.    #1. The Passcode It’s  important to set up one for extra security. It prevents thieves from getting your data, and enables hardware encryption to make sure all your stuff is safe. While the basic 4-number pin offers that base-level of protection, there just aren’t enough 4 number variations to keep your stuff safe. ...

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Sep 16, 2013

The iPhone 5s and 5c

Apple has now announced both the iPhone 5S and 5C officially.  iPhone5C – The affordable version Specs: Expect something very similar to the iPhone 5 (dual-core CPU, tri-core GPU, 8-megapixel camera) It has a larger battery and better front-camera than the iPhone 5, with a plastic back expected to come in up to six shades, including white, blue, green, red, and yellow. SIM-free price will be £469 for the 16GB model and £549 for the 32GB model.    iPhone 5s – It’s not cheap It is more expensive at a SIM-free price of £549 (US$649), £629 (US$749) and £709 (US$849) for the 16GB, 32GB and ...

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