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The Benefits of Networking for Your Career

Networking is about developing long-term relationships for mutual gain and creating a lasting impression with people so that they think of you positively when an opportunity arises. Why should you invest the time and energy to make your “net work”? There are hundreds of benefits, and here is a summary of my top 12.   Main Benefits:    Being active. Being active is a benefit of networking. Believe it or not, by just getting yourself out there and connecting to people you are moving your career forward. By going to a networking party or group, you are taking the first ...

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Top Networking Tips to Get You Started

Before you attend networking events, think about the true purpose of them. There is a reason it’s called networking – it is not a social event. So if there is alcohol available, make sure you limit your intake, or it might be best to avoid it altogether. Also consider your industry and target customers before deciding to attend an event – is it right for your business.    Why attend the event? – Write down what you want to achieve from the event.  Is it to meet someone specific? New job opportunity? Improve your communications skills Increase personal confidence? Whatever it ...

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