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A PA’s Guide to Confidentiality

As a PA or EA, your ability to handle confidential subjects, issues, emails and documents is essential. And increasingly, PAs are asked in job interviews how they approach the issue of confidentiality. This guide offers insider knowledge that will help you to handle all things confidential with confidence.   Confidential emails and digital files The issue of confidentiality is especially pertinent when it comes to handling emails and electronic documents. You’ll probably have access to your manager’s emails, and in most cases, you’re probably the first port-of-call in reading them and responding on their behalf.     Here’s how you ...

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Prepare for The New Year: How to Resign, Plan Job Search and Know Your Value.

After the festive period, employees tend to take new resolutions which often involve changing job. Here are a few tips on how to resign in a calm, calculated and diplomatic manner.    Be clear about why you’re leaving What you need to focus on is being clear about why you’re leaving. If your employers are surprised, angry or emotional, don’t panic; calmly and logically explain your reasons.    Be positive As a PA or EA, you know the importance of maintaining good relationships with everyone you meet, and especially everyone you work for. So, when you resign, emphasise the things ...

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It’s Time to Prepare for Christmas

And we don’t just mean buying presents! As a PA, there’s a lot to think about it in this busy period.   So, here are a few helpful tips on handling Christmas parties and holiday handovers.    Holiday handovers A relaxing Christmas break can easily be spoiled if you fail to get your holiday handover concluded smoothly, so consider the following: Start the handover early – there’s always a hitch or two, and starting early avoids any last minute panic Be realistic – don’t work yourself into the ground trying to fit everything in before you finish Write clear instructions – ...

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