Want to boast a bigger social media footprint? Do these 8 things to boost your social presence. Put yourself out there and promote yourself online today!


 Become a guest writer

Consider becoming a guest writer or contributor for a popular e-zine or blog. Become a guest contributor at PA Privé > contact us > hello at pa-prive dot com.


 Create Online Profiles

Check out > Google profiles, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, etc.


 Build a positive presence online

There are plenty of benefits to new media, if you maintain a positive presence. Your online social networks enable you to build your reputation, connect with people who have interests similar to yours.



As you grow your community via your online presence and activities, you will open up the door to engagement opportunities with others. This is where the real relationship-building happens.


 Join communities

A community is a group of people who are held together by common interests. Niche-driven communities around particular topics, problems, issues, or even brands have mushroomed over the years. Some communities are very specific while some others like Quora, Google+ communities, and LinkedIn groups can be large, and general.


 Engage with other businesses, brands, and social media users

While posting links to content is a good way to keep your social channels full of interesting things, it’s also important to be a part of ongoing conversations relevant to your business or industry online. For example, you can respond to or re-share social posts from users and businesses that you value.



By creating a blog you have the opportunity to create longer content and share more of your knowledge.



You can actually do the equivalent of creating a blog post by creating a 2-3 minute video.


Do you have a process in place for expanding your online presence? What are the different things you do to grow your presence? Which of these do you spend your time on? What’s working for you?


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Myriam Balerio is the founder and writer of PA Privé. After kick starting her career as a PA and finding success as an assistant, Myriam later trained in digital and online marketing and has since combined the two disciplines in creating PA Privé, the platform through which she provides sage advice for those in the assistant profession and a network for like-mined PAs and EAs to connect. Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Myriam has lived in London for over 10 years and currently lives in London with her husband and French bulldog.


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