Today’s range of smartphones are immensely powerful. There are millions of apps at our finger tips, but which ones will work for you?


Atech Support, the UK’s number one IT support company, has found 7 apps that will boost your productivity in the office.


From to-do lists, task automation and text editors for those quick Word document edits – this list is full of exciting apps that will certainly assist you in your day-to day activities.


  1. Microsoft Office Mobile (iOS and Android)


Did you know that you can get the full Microsoft Office package free on your mobile device?


Available for both iPhone and android users, you can create, edit and share documents on Word, Excel and PowerPoint.


Better yet, you can do this on the go! Should you receive an email while out the office that a document needs a few words changing, you can do this right in the palm of your hand.


  1. IFTTT (iOS and Android)


IFTTT (If This Then That) is simple. It works by automating tasks called ‘recipes’. A recipe works by two variables, if ‘X’ then ‘X’. An example would be, if I update my Facebook profile picture, then change my Twitter profile picture too. There are thousands of premade recipes available within the app, you will most definitely find one to suit your needs – or you can create your own!


  1. SwiftKey (iOS and Android)


This app is an alternative keyboard for your phone. It adapts to the way you type, learning your typing habits and predicting what you might say next.


It is very intuitive and can learn from your typing habits within other applications. Just link your Facebook, Gmail or Twitter and it will instantly begin learning more about the way you type.


  1. Do (iOS and Android)


Any.Do is powerful ways you can keep on top of tasks, letting you manage important activities. You can split different tasks into various environments, for example, you can have an ‘Office’ section, for tasks you need to complete at the office, or a ‘Home’ section – for what you need to complete away from work.


You can also link it to your Chrome browser, letting you see your to-do list from you computer!


  1. Chrome Remote Desktop (Android)


If you are not having a great time with Microsoft Office Mobile, Chrome Remote Desktop is your answer. You can get full functionality of your desktop computer from your mobile device!


That’s right, not only can you edit your documents – you can save them on your desktop, open up Outlook and send it to someone.


Your mobile device will act as another screen from your computer which you can access anywhere.


Perfect if you are at work and need a file that is saved on your home computer.



  1. Evernote (iOS and Android)


Evernote is your all in one solution for office productivity. It provides a workspace to capture notes, images, to-do lists and everything in between. It will sync between all your devices, so your information can be found on your computer, tablet or mobile, anywhere in the world.


  1. Pocket (iOS and Android)


Come across an article online that you don’t have time to read just yet? Kick yourself later when you can’t remember what it was? Pocket is a great tool to save websites and articles that you want to read later. It also saves them, letting you view the website later offline!


The world of BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) is transforming the workplace. We hope that this list will enhance your productivity, whether you are at home or in the office.


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